Pedi STAT App Reviews

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Excellent must have resource

Emerg physician. Excellent content and very use friendly interface

Must have app

Couldnt think of doing ER coverage without this app


As a paramedic, I primarily enjoy the vital signs. Though, counterintuitively, the vital signs is alphabetically listed as normal viral signs. Its useful otherwise.

Great app

Great app, but it would be nice to have the dosages show max doses or go above 40kg! Someone should incorporate acls into this and it would be THE go to app.

Extremely helpful!

As an emergency physician in a predominantly adult ER, this app is worth its weight in gold. The sick kid isnt a problem for me. Its the critically ill child who presents through triage in distress and no one seemingly can find a Broslow. This scenario doesnt happen often (thankfully) but it does periodically. The app allows you to generate drug dosages via age or weight. This app is a must need for any practicing emergency physician!!

Great tool for ED/NICU providers

Utilizing this app in the ED as a practicing RN after one of the docs recommended it to me. Simple layout makes any pediatric critical care reference practical while working in a fast paced environment.


For cardiac resuscitation

Allergic to Typos

Overall, useful and fairly accurate pediatric therapy guide. BUT - beware the typo in "anaphylaxis." The max dose should be 1 mg, not 1mg/kg.

Pedi stat review

I was recommended this app by a coworker. After briefly browsing through the app I encountered several medication spelling errors. I have to admit I find it hard to rely on an app that cant even spell med names correctly. Wish it were more trustworthy!

Best peds app

Great for emergency physicians who need a quick reference. Great for learners, too!

Great great app

As someone who primarily works with adults, pedi stat is a real life-saver (literally)

A must have for every EM doc!

This app is well done!! I love that it gives me one-dose calculations for my patients without having to fumble with numbers. It is a superb update to a well-loved classic!

Even better!

I love the updated interface and new additions. It is even more useful now than before, whether you work in EMS, the ED, or ICU. I love being able to view the medications I need for a SPECIFIC condition, and not have to scroll through a long list of drugs or equipment sizes.

Update ruined it

I usually dont write reviews but I hope the developers see this and fix the app. Pedi star was great; all the info at your fingertips, drugs and equipment. After the update it is now written for medical students, interns, or nurses who arent used to dealing with sick patients. The meds are listed within algorithms and in giant categories. Its too unwieldly to use in an emergency or on the way to one. It has far too much basic information in the way of the real information. This basic information is not the kind needed when seeing a sick kids. It gets in the way and if thats the info you need, you dont need pedi stat, you need another doctor.

Needs hypotension section

This is a great app - would give 5 stars if you could add a section for management of shock/hypotension with dosing for pressor drips like epi, norepi, dopa, etc.

Pedi Stat

Awesome app Would it be possible to include Pressor support : EPi, NorEpi, etc Platelet and PRBC dosing Hydrocortisone bolus for shock

FM Doc

Excellent resource, easy to use

Exceptional App

This app is quick, prompt, and accurate with most pediatric emergencies. I have used this for over three years now, and it is my #1 go to app for any sick kid. Plus, it is easy to navigate based on age, etc to get to where you want to be quickly. This single app is the reason I ALWAYS make sure my iTouch is charged and ready to go at my side.

Fantastic App for Emerg Docs

Complete, easily accessible, extremely useful tool. Includes normal vital signs as well as all drug doses/equipment sizes. Broselow in your pocket. Wont give you algorithms, but has things set up according to PALS so you know where to look in a pinch. Just download it... the next pediatric code you run will be much better for it.


Must have for any nurse or np in clinical settings! Used it this week with dosing for child having seizure! Its a great tool.

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