Pedi STAT App Reviews

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FINALLY! No more charts!

I just found this amazing APP. I am doctor who works closly with EMTs and is regurlarly on call. This app is extremely intuitive. I will be recommending this to my colleagues. Thanks!

Great value

Tons of useful information, very easy to use. Great app for the price!

Its the best in the care of Children

As an Advanced Life Support Paramedic this app has been great! Recently two 3 mo Arrests, multiple seizures and a couple traumas. Dial it in put it beside the child and my partner and I can dial up what we need to give and confirm our calculations. Significantly reduced stressful calls. Hope they keep improving an already excellent app!! And they just did!


Great for quick dosing when a resus arrives with only the age known. It could include an antibiotic or "custom" drug section where you could add other drugs to make it a little more usable outside crisis situations.

Love the info! Dress it up dome more.

The app works flawlessly. Just update it with retina support. Retina displays came out a year ago now, your still making money off this app at $2.99 on sale. Your programmer can afford to do an update. Its now THE only app on my phone without retina support which makes it the ugliest app on my phone. fix that and youll get a 5 from me.

Worth it

As a critical care flight paramedic I think that this program is a fantastic reference tool. Good application to the advanced, basic care, and land paramedic.

Fantastic app

Phenomenal app. Incredibly user friendly and intuitive. The interface should be the gold standard for emergency medical reference apps!


Must have for any nurse or np in clinical settings! Used it this week with dosing for child having seizure! Its a great tool.

Fantastic App for Emerg Docs

Complete, easily accessible, extremely useful tool. Includes normal vital signs as well as all drug doses/equipment sizes. Broselow in your pocket. Wont give you algorithms, but has things set up according to PALS so you know where to look in a pinch. Just download it... the next pediatric code you run will be much better for it.

Pedi stat review

I was recommended this app by a coworker. After briefly browsing through the app I encountered several medication spelling errors. I have to admit I find it hard to rely on an app that cant even spell med names correctly. Wish it were more trustworthy!

Must have app

Couldnt think of doing ER coverage without this app

Excellent must have resource

Emerg physician. Excellent content and very use friendly interface


I am an icu/anesthesiologist hosted in Moscow, and I was truly down, when amongst silly and primitive app. In the, which was always the case, i didt find nun of my collection of talented, useful, made with not only sharp knowledge of the subject but with the heart, attitude, dedication, and will to rise up the total quality of doctors, for inventors did really care about the scattered knowledge of there brothers in arms. So they indeed must take credit for the meticulous work, and dedication to the call of there hearts! A.Dobrovolsky MD in Nicu (3ordeal years)+ 7,5 years as a science practitioner in the Fed. Center of children health, working 70% as an anesthesiologist, and the rest - as a ICU member as well!


Sono un anestesista pediatrico ed è un programma carino...certo non come drug doses ma meglio di pedi-safe! Sarebbe carino se spostassero il limite del peso agli 80-90kg...esistono pure bambini obesi e poi lospedale pediatrico copre fino ai 18 anni!! It would be nice if you shift the age limit to 18 and consequently the weight and all the other my children hospital we have those kind of patients and this app dose not work !! Please make an upgrade


Great app. Used it in a code the other day

Excellent app!

Easy to use interface. Recommend this to anyone & everyone who takes care of peds patients. One of the best medical apps in ye iTunes store, wish the dev make one for adult patients too!

Useful app

Great app for pedi. Generic names for the drugs would be helpful. When not dealing with peds all the time the app is a must have. As useful as the pedi wheel.

Excellent app

Great app but needs a few more drugs such as dopamine and all the other pressors as well as prostaglandins. Also any other drips thatare commonly used.

Dont bother with it



I have had this app since its inception. It is just awesome! Easy to use/navigate, comprehensive and accurate. I am a flight nurse on a busy EMS helicopter and utilize it often. I agree that the 1 star review with the word "worthless" requires specifics from the writer otherwise I question the motivation and or knowledge of this individual in this arena...

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